Foyer groups

St. Thaddeus offers everyone the opportunity to meet and socialize with their fellow parishioners through Foyer groups.

Each foyer group includes about 8 adults (both married and single) who meet for dinner in each others’ homes to have fun and get to know each other in a casual setting. Normally the host serves the main dish, with everyone else bringing side dishes. Participants take turns hosting.

Foyer Groups have been a tradition at St. Thaddeus for a number of years and we were happy to join a group when we first came to Aiken. We met fellow members who attended different services; now when we see them at church events, we know them.

If you hesitate to join because you feel unable to accommodate 8 at your table, consider making a reservation at a local restaurant to have fellowship there.

Watch for more information about Foyer Groups in the early fall.

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