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Beginning with a website crafted by the late Dr. Lee Hyder, St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church has been on the ‘Net for over 10 years. In its present version, as in all prior, only parishioners and the church staff maintain

We strive to make the site a useful venue for all who visit, like . . .

  • those in town for business or pleasure, looking for a little corner of the Episcopal Church during their stay;
  • those new to Aiken or the Church, seeking a spiritual home;
  • former members, touching base with their old church family; and
  • current parishioners, growing in Christ through the body on Pendleton Street.

Church website You think you couldn’t help with a website. But you can.

The web team are always looking for parishioners to add and edit content of the website. We have worked hard to make the process comfortable, and maybe even pleasant.

You don’t need to be “tech savvy” to help. If you can send an e-mail, write a sentence, spot a grammar error or take a picture, you have the technical skills we need.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. If you like to take pictures, we could use you on our picture team. We use Flickr. Pictures are easy to upload and do not need to be resized.

A little help goes a long way. We can tailor a task just for you and your schedule. And help is always available.

We keep our website current. Your regular contribution, no matter its size, means visitors see something new when they return.

You can participate just by visiting Though the website is currently full of up-to-date information and special features like online sermons, there may be features you would like to see that haven’t crossed our mind. We welcome your suggestions.

How you can have your say

Contact us to tell us that you want grow in size and in reach. We’ll find a way for you to help that fits your wants.

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