Wedding guild

The St. Thaddeus Wedding Guild consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who help make sure that weddings held at St. Thaddeus run smoothly and according to liturgical propriety.

Wedding Guild members commit to attending the wedding rehearsal, where, under the guidance of the Priest, they go through the ceremony and define the roles of the wedding party. On Saturday (or day of the wedding) it is the guild’s responsibility to make sure everything goes off as planned.

In addition, they are to open the church, lock the church, turn on and off lights, P.A. system, get the bulletins given out, place wedding guest book in a suitable place, interface with the photographer, make sure all flowers are placed and pinned (mostly done by florist,) serve as ushers during communion, ring the bell at the conclusion of the ceremony, and support the wedding party in any way they can.

For more information, contact the church office 648-5497 or Harriet Boyden.

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