St. Thaddeus Cemetery and Grounds

You may know that St. Thaddeus Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You may not know that our beautiful churchyard is also included in that designation. It is the responsibility of the Cemetery and Grounds Committee to make sure the grounds are well maintained and the gravesites are properly cared for and records for them are kept. The funds for the work of this committee come from the proceeds of two dedicated trusts.

The Cemetery and Grounds Committee meets quarterly. Plenty of work goes on between meetings however, and we would like to extend an invitation to the parish to join us in the exciting and rewarding work. You don’t have to come to the meetings, just join up with the group that interests you. Give a call the subcommittee head and he or she will be happy for your help. Call the church office for more information.

1. Like to get your hands in the dirt? Do you have a good eye for landscape design? Join The BEAUTIFICATION TEAM! Mike Beckner, with guidance from longtime gardener extraordinaire, Tim Garvin, is channeling his detail oriented energies into keeping the churchyard look beautiful and tidy. He needs people who are comfortable with a shovel or a pair of shears to help.

2. Is local history your passion? Would you rather dig in a record book than a flower bed? Then the HISTORICAL TEAM is for you. We have good records of all our graves as well as the grave inscriptions (even some that are no longer legible); but we’d like to have a photographic record as well. We’ve worked with Brenda Baratto at the Aiken County Museum to discuss best practices in graveyard maintenance and record keeping. Most are of our graves are documented at

3. Can’t stand to see a nonfunctioning fountain, a leaky sprinkler head, or an abandoned piece of statuary? Are you a Mr., or Miz, Fixit? Then you need to join Mike Beckner (yes, he’s a busy guy) on the MAINTENANCE TEAM. We hire out the big stuff, but often there are small jobs that require only the right tools and the time to use them.

4. The St. Thaddeus Churchyard is the final resting place of 834 souls. It is essential that new gravesites are properly placed, that ashes markers are kept straight, and that good records are kept. Roy McLain heads this committee and works with Ed Mann. It takes two people to oversee this task. They need several other volunteers. It’s not heavy lifting, but it is vital.

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