The Mead Hall Education: A Precious Commodity

As the world around us spins seemingly out of control, it’s a comfort to know that some things stay the same; some things are untarnished by time; some things endure. Mead Hall remains true to the founding principles the Board of Trustees embraced more than 50 years ago. The belief that academic excellence brings glory to God is still embraced in our classrooms. The values of respect and tolerance are practiced as children hold doors for adults, answer questions with ‘ma’am’, and play, study and worship with children from all backgrounds. An education from Mead Hall is a constant, stabilizing force in our lives. As Father George H. Murphy, Rector of St. Thaddeus from 1954-1957, stated,

“I am sure all who read this are interested in the field of Christian education. The question that comes to mind is what kind of school is it important for us to support? Is it not a school which lifts the minds and hearts of its students above the dead level of mass mediocrity? There are many schools that can do a great job in preparing its students for admission to college, but the school which makes those higher contributions of speaking and living the truth, of being honest with oneself, and maintaining the eternal verities of religion – that school is rare and precious. That is why Mead Hall must be cherished and perpetuated at all cost.”

In this uncertain time, Mead Hall guides us, providing an example of what is good and pure, helping us to remember that academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral integrity still have a place in this world.

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