The Stevenson-McClelland Parish House of St. Thaddeus Church was constructed to share our vision of Christ and His Kingdom with our neighbors. We want it to be used for activities of the parish and community that work to that end. While we must generally give our Parish activities priority, we welcome other groups as described below.

The rooms that are available for use include the Cheetham parlor (large), the small parlor, the kitchen, and the gymnasium.

The Cheetham parlor can be arranged for gatherings of up to 200 people, for a wide variety of activities, including lectures, dinner meetings, receptions, etc. The kitchen is adjacent, and can be used for meal service here, or for larger gatherings in the gymnasium. Additional information and rules concerning the kitchen are posted there and are available in the Parish Office.

The gymnasium can be used for sports such as basketball, and can also be arranged for large gatherings. There is a stage on one side of the floor. Athletes may dress in the rest rooms at the front of the building.

The small parlor is suitable for small gatherings of up to 15 people (for members only).

Rentals are scheduled through the Church Office (648-5497, ext. 10).

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